SMA 2020/2021 Academic Session

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About Course

Whether you want to Participate in the National or International Mathematics Olympiad, get ahead on required courses, advance your career goals, or discover new skills and interests, you can connect with instructors and classmates during our new session. SMA 2020/2021 Academic Sessions offers weekend classes in Geometry, Number theory, Algebra and Combinatorics.

Special Maths Academy (SMA) welcomes you to the 2020/2021 Academic Session where cool kids from all over the country gather to share their passion for mathematics. The students will get to rub minds, work on problem sets, and network with the most brilliant minds from all over Nigeria and abroad during the camp. The students representing Nigeria at International Mathematics Olympiad and Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad will be attending the summer camp. Your wards will get the opportunity to interact with them through our classrooms and online seminars organized during the camp.

This camp is designed to teach Olympiad-level mathematics as well as instill other important skill sets that determine the success of a student; these include but are not limited to positive mindset, study strategy/tools, perseverance. We do this in order to maximize the learning outcome of our students. The participants leave our camps more inspired than they came in and we mentor them to take the strategies learned during the program and apply in other areas of their lives. Thus, creating a champion mindset out of each student.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Olympiad-level mathematics
  • positive mindset
  • study strategy/tools
  • perseverance

Course Content

Locus and Construction Computational Geometry: Trigonometry, coordinate geometry, ceva’s theorem and Menalaus theorem Circle Theorems: Power of a point. Radical axis, Pascal’s theorem, Mixtenillinear Circles, Pole Polar and Pius’ circle Cevas’

  • Draft Lesson

Inequalities: Trig substitutions, Calculus related techniques, brute force approaches Functional Equations: Trick and Clever substitution, Exploring properties of a function, Cauchy equation, solving polynomial problems Sequences: Recursive sequences, sequences mixed with inequalities Polynomials

Number Theory
Vieta Jumping p-ADIC Evaluation and Rational Numbers Order Modulo p Bounding (Diophantine Equations) Quadratic Residue Functions and Sequences

Broad Review of various combinatorics concepts: -These includes counting, contradiction, induction, pigeonhole, invariants, coloring/partitioning, extremal principle, graph theory, etc - Focus on correct statements, when to apply them, the difficulty involved, when they should not be considered as may lead to wrong solutions Practice on important Skills:Interpretation of problem, Visualization, First things to try, Representation In depth review of the various combinatorial concepts based on the problem structure: -These structure include chess board, matrix arrangement of numbers, geometric setting, process on finite objects, set theory, color arrangements on a string, game theory, etc Use past IMO problems to study the above including the full thought processes involved as well as solution writing.


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