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Our team

Our tried and true system is based on 24 years of cumulative experience shared between our team of instructors, who themselves are some of the most successful participants from Nigeria at IMO/PAMO achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Dr. Animoku Abdulwahab


With PhD in Financial Mathematics from Middle East Technical University, Animoku Abdulwahab has Honorable mention at PAMO (2008), participation at IMO (Vietnam, 2007), and ranked 1st in NMC Nigerian Maths Olympiad (3rd round, 2008). He has actively been a Maths Olympiad trainer since 2018 upon completing his PhD.



Princewill Okoroafor


Graduate of Mathematics and Computer Science at Harvey Mudd College and a first year PhD student at Cornell. He has a silver medal from the PAMO and an honourable mention from the IMO. He is passionate about Mathematics and Computer science education and improving accessibility to quality educational content. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and chess. He currently works as an intern at Microsoft.



Williams Okechukwu Okeke


Currently studying Mathematics at the Peoples’ Friendship University, Moscow, Russia. During his secondary school days, he represented Nigeria three times in IMO, winning 2 Honourable Mentions Awards. He is also a two-time PAMO Gold Medalist. In 2017, he finished in the top 5% of contestants in the American Mathematics Olympiad (AMC 12) and qualified for the prestigious AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination).

Aside from Mathematics, Williams also likes engaging in critical thinking, playing video games and watching football matches.



Mmesomachi Nwachukwu


1-time special medal recipient for AMC10, and 5-time AMC national champion. 2 time silver medalist at PAMO and 3 time honourable mentionee at IMO. Mmesomachi has been involved extensively in Olympiad training at Graceland International School, while as a student and currently an undergraduate student of Mathematics in People’s Friendship University of Russia.





Oluwasanya Awe


Graduate of Computer Science from Stanford University. He is a one-time Silver medallist at PAMO and a 1-time honourable mentionee at the IMO. He is passionate about Mathematics education and improving accessibility to quality educational content. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music and watching football. He currently works at Google.



Pius Aje Onah


Graduate of Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and has been actively involved in the Olympiads for over ten years. First Nigerian IMO bronze medalist, one-time silver and one-time gold medalist at PAMO. Two-time deputy team leader at IMO and two-time deputy team leader at PAMO. Team trainer for the Nigerian IMO team for the past 4 years. He currently works as an Assistant research fellow at National Mathematical Centre and acts as a resource person for Special Maths Academy Limited.



Omodiagbe Wisdom


Represented Nigeria once in IMO and a PAMO silver medalist. 3 time SAMO 3rd place (2017, 2019, 2020). AMC 10 national winner 2017.I code in my free time.


Okezie Chiedozie


Okezie Chiedozie is one of the newer generation olympiad veterans on our team. He is a one time IMO honorable mentionee and PAMO silver medalist. He watches sitcoms and builds coding projects in his free time, contributing actively to open source projects on GitHub.


Otutochi Nwadinkpa


Otutochi Nwadinkpa has represented Nigeria twice in the IMO; winning an Honourable Mention once. He is also a PAMO silver medalist.
He loves to play basketball and football during his free time.


Obukome Ejaife


Obukome is a three-time national Olympiad Finalist and one of the Nigerian representatives at IMO 2021. He holds a presidential award in mathematics, alongside other awards in STEM. In secondary school, he ran a free Olympiad program that produced gold and silver medalists at the state-level Olympiads. He loves watching medical drama and learning to code in his free time.