2023-24 Nigerian Olympiad Final Results: 3 SMA Students Make Top 6 Nationwide

The results of the final round of the 2023-2024 Nigerian Mathematics Olympiad have been released and are available here. Twenty students from six states participated in the final round for mathematics.

In first place was Akinola Mofifoluwa Excel from The Ambassadors College with a score of 79 percent. Tied in second place with 75 percent scores were Oghenerukwvwe Esemitodje from Bright Sun College in Lagos and Ekwelem Elvis Chiedozie from Graceland International School Port-Harcourt. The next three students that made up the top six students all had a score of 71 percent.

One student in the top six in the Nigerian Mathematics Olympiad had a particularly commendable performance. Oyerinde D. Oluwasemilore, a JSS 3 student of The Ambassadors College, was tied for fourth place. Despite only being a JSS 3 student, Oyerinde outperformed most of the senior secondary school students that participated in the final round.

We are proud to share that the two students who tied for second place and one of the students that came in fourth place are products of SMA’s training. Six other students that participated. Put together, almost half of the final round participants in the Nigerian Mathematics Olympiad are former Special Maths Academy program participants.

As qualifying for the final round of the Nigerian Olympiads is not an easy feat, we wish to congratulate everyone that made it this far in the Mathematics Olympiad and in other olympiads. In particular, we wish to congratulate the top six students in the mathematics Olympiad for their outstanding performance.

The final round results for mathematics and all other subjects are available for download here.

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